“My Enemy, My Savior!” — Remembering Friendly Enemies of World War II


The day was September 1, 1939…….   Click here before reading the article: Hitler Epic   That day in the history when the Nazi Germany of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, thus, the start of World War II. Before Poland, Hitler’s Army already marched through many of its neighboring nations. When Hitler succeeded in […]

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Funny Kasambahay Text Messages

farmer sanchez

Our kasambahays not only help us for our household chores, taking care of our children, and any other more that would make a family more complete, but also they give us some amusements in some way either intentional or not intentional.   Admit it or not, some of our kasambahays are really funny.   Below […]

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The Billionnaire : A Business Inspiration

The Billionnaire : A Business Inspiration

“Don’t lose your courage no matter what. If we give in then the game is over.” — Top Ittipat, The Billionaire Ms. Pu: Actually, your factory isn’t up to standard, Mr. Ittipat. Top: Like what? Ms. Pu: Like that, the neon lights have no cover. Dust can fall into your food. We are very serious about the cleanliness. Top: Ms […]

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